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Message from the Director of the Technical Center

Expectations for the Nagoya University Technical Center Supporting Advanced Research and Education
Director of the Technical Center
SASOH Akihiro

Nagoya University aims to pursue truth through its innovative research activities, to produce results of scholastic distinction on the international stage. This kind of advanced research and the cultivation of the personnel to carry it out, to say nothing of student education, depends upon technical support across various areas. Nagoya University established the Technical Center in 2004, and it has endeavored ever since to improve and enhance the university’s technical sophistication in support of cutting edge research and education, to effectively and continuously realize the transfer of technology from one generation to the next, and to provide equitable technical support services across the entire university. In April 2009, the Center reformed its operational system and organization, clarifying its function as being “to provide technical support for education and research by dispatching or placing technical staff to departments of the University on the basis of requests from said departments and to carry out support work in response to requests from members of the university.” From April 2012, the Nagoya University Equipment Sharing System (NUESS) entered into operation, opening our common use facilities and equipment to researchers both within and outside of our university, and circulating information on their use.

Moreover, in October 2017, we restructured the organization of the Center from its previous four support section into six support section system. In this way, we are becoming an organization that enables the individual growth of technical staff while also placing importance on technical areas, strengthening our organizational capabilities to make possible closer collaboration, and continuing to work hard for our university’s development.

Message from the Director of the Technical Department

Shooting for the Expansion and Improved Quality of Our Technical Support Services
Director of the Technical Department of the Technical Center
UMEHARA Noritsugu

Technical support for a comprehensive university like Nagoya University requires great breadth and depth to meet the diverse needs of the academic pursuit and the educational activities that propagate it. These include wide-ranging forms of support, such as environment/safety, telecommunications, and other services that constitute the university’s technological base; specific analytical technologies; testing and development of proprietary equipment; and support for research and practical training in the field. Based on the university-wide distribution and use of these advanced technologies, we expect the quality of research and education to dramatically improve for faculty, researchers, and students of our university.

Since its restructuring in April 2009, this center has focused on playing a role as an organization that utilizes its personnel and services. Then in October 2017 it was restructured into a system of six support sections according to their technical fields. In addition to the arrangement of management structures in order to conduct organized operation of technical support services, all technical staff will now be recognized by an official title for their profession (such as technician) according to their technical specialty. With this kind of structure in place, we strive towards the expansion and introduction of new technical support services and systematically engage in training and education for the improvement and enhancement of our technical sophistication. The technical center will consider the needs, expectations, opinions, and suggestions of its members in every educational and research field, and while pro-actively providing technical support, make contributions through producing talented individuals and research as world leading intellectual property.


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